87 km
4 Laps
Porec Triathlon bike map
  • Stop for refreshments at each lap
  • Wheel stop is located at the beginning of each turn
  • Traffic will be regulated during the first part of the route (2,5km), while rest of the section will be closed for traffic
  • An organized police escort
  • Marshals visit the track on a motorcycles
  • Stewards are placed at the critical points
  • Drafting is not allowed and will be penalized
  • Penalty stop is placed at the beginning of the circle I in the Zone
  • Helmet is mandatory
  • Time limit: 5:45h from the wave start. Competitors who who do not finish within the time limit will be disqualified (DSQ written in the results), competitors can continue race entirely at their own risk!
  • You can download the GPX map here (opens in the second window)
  • You can download the FIT map here (opens in the second window)


Aid stations:

  • HIGH 5 energy source
  • HIGH 5 energy bar
  • Water
  • Bananas

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