Željka Šaban Miličić

The first POREČ triahlon 1.9/85/20 PROmotion Triathlete is Željka Šaban Miličić:

  • member of Triathlon Club Swibir
  • Croatian Long Distance triathlete focused on Ironman distance
  • Croatian long distance champion
  • Croatian Ironman distance women record holder (unofficial list)
  • she was 3rd on ITU long Distance overall rankig 2010.

This year because pregnancy Zeljka have season off but she will PROmote POREC Triathlon 1.9/85/20 race and work in organization to make better race for you.

Andrej Vištica

Our NEW Race PROmotor is young Croatian Long Distance Triathlete Andrej Vištica from Triathlon Club Zagreb and TeamTBB.

Andrej Time on Ironman distance is 8:19:19 (2011.), achieved on one of the most powerful and iconic Ironman distance race in the world "Challenge Roth". This is result, with he joined the "Ironman triathlete aliens.".

Andrej is a person who can be a role model not only to young people but also for all of us. Because enthusiastic views on the sport, Spartan life and training by unconditional commitment to not losing much of its moral qualities which makes it a truly top sportsman and the best promoter of triathlon, especially a long triathlon.

Andrei will promote POREČ 1.9/85/20 Triathlon race, and depending on the his racing season, will also compete at the event. Regardless of whether Andrej will compete or not, he will be our guest in POREČ Triathlon 1.9/85/20 race and he will share the medals on victory ceremony. More about Andrej Vistica and his results you can find on